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'It’s really good news that The Post will be bringing quality journalism to Merseyside' - Michael Unger, former editor of the Liverpool Daily Post and the Echo.

Our story

We’re doing this because we think a totally new approach is needed in local news — focusing on quality writing and old-fashioned reporting. Local journalism in Liverpool and across the region has been cut to the bone in the past two decades, and this is our attempt to do things differently.

The Post
A video of 1970s Liverpool - and the case for a new local newspaper
Dear readers, today’s edition of The Post is about something you have seen with your own eyes: the alarming collapse of local journalism. You probably didn’t plan to spend 10 minutes of your weekend reading about the economics and history of the newspaper industry but we hope this piece helps to explain how things have changed, and why there’s such an urgent need for a new model for journalism in this city region…
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Our Editor-at-large, Robin Brown (robin@livpost.co.uk), who has lived in Liverpool for more than 20 years, has written for The New Statesman and was a co-founder of Seven Streets and Liverpool Long Reads. Our first reporters Mollie Simpson (mollie@livpost.co.uk) and Harry Shukman (harry@livpost.co.uk) have written long reads and broken exclusives for publications like The Times, The Spectator and The Mill and our overseeing editor Joshi Herrmann has written for for newspapers like The Independent, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

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‘The Post will be different’

We’re delighted to have received an endorsement from Michael Unger, the legendary former editor of the Liverpool Daily Post. He writes:

It’s really good news that The Post will be bringing quality journalism to Merseyside. 

The media has gone through massive Internet-based change in the past few years which has allowed The Post to launch and to thrive. 

Too often today’s traditional newspapers follow a clickbait philosophy merely to stay in existence: this leads to trivial stories and the unchecked publication of press releases. There is now so little ‘real’ journalism with the reporter stuck to his or her desk making sure they’ve hit their target of five stories a day.

The Post will be different. Stories and features that have had real time spent on them and stories and features that will make a difference.

Michael edited the Daily Post in the late 1970s and early 1980s, before moving to the Echo and then the MEN. He has also served as a director of the Guardian Media Group and lives on Merseyside.

Join the crew

We are looking for talented local reporters and writers to contribute to The Post. We are particularly interested in speaking to people who can combine clear, factual writing with elegant prose and who have experience writing news features. But people of all levels of experience can get in touch. Email a few links to your best work and your story ideas to editor@livpost.co.uk.