The Post is committed to high standards of journalism, and our editorial process includes professional editing, fact-checking and legal review. We adhere to the Editor’s Code or Practice. But we know that we will sometimes slip up or let our standards drop, and in whose cases we believe in being transparent about mistakes and ensuring that corrections are made.

How to complain

If you are unhappy about something we have published because you feel that it is not accurate or does not adhere to our high standards or the Code of Practice, please email within three months of the article being published.

When you do, please make sure you include:

  • Your name and the name of the organisation you represent, if appropriate.

  • Your contact telephone number and email.

  • The title and URL of the article in question.

  • A description of your complaint, including specific phrases or words that you object to and a detailed explanation of why that is.

How we will handle your complaint

  • Your complaint will be read by the editor and then discussed with our other editors and the reporter who wrote the piece.

  • We will aim to reply to your complaint within three weeks of it being received.

  • If we believe there is grounds to make a correction or publish an apology, we will make those changes or post that apology within a week of our decision.

  • Your complaint will be handled sensitively and within the boundaries of the Data Protection Act 1998.