This sinister evebt does not: surprise me. The far right cancer has been spreading for the last couple of years Look at the Liverpool Echo online comments the Echo seems to welcome far right poison and CANCELS so called "anti-woke" commenters, or sabotages them by making it difficult to post . Anyone who shows respect for diversity is fair game to be labelled WOKE. The far right is given succour from the likes Tory Home Secretaries of Braverman and Patel, along with Tory chairman Lee Anderson. These are only the tip of the iceberg.

Once we had a gutter press now we have gutter TV courtesy of GB News and Talk TV GBNs presenters are the most rabid including two Uncle Tom type presenters of African ancestry. The constant use of the word WOKE is designed to demonise those who don't follow their hate agenda. Make no mistake race hate is these channels modus operandi. Of course the web provides other outlets for the race hate lobby and the racists who tried to storm the Suites hotel in the manner of Trump's followers into the Capitol in Washington DC two years ago.

I fear this is only the start of a hate campaign against refugees. Ofcom closed down Russia Today and they should close GB News and Talk TV immediately if not sooner!

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As so often people target the wrong enemy. Sue Ellen Braverman and Pound Shop Anderson proclaim that people fleeing from terror (while bully Raab was paddle boarding) are invading us. No mention of the golden visas they’ve gifted Russian crooks or the thirteen years of corrupt Tory government which have destroyed our common weal and further engorged Tory pals. Yes, much of Merseyside is in desperate condition and local councils who’ve lost 60% of their budgets to Tory cuts are left to collect the fragments. If only the kids targeting cops and fellow victims joined nurses’ and rail workers’ picket lines they would learn who the enemy are, and pick up some political education. The awful media, in all forms (and not including your own excellent platform), have poisoned people very effectively. The liars who did decades of damage after Hillsborough are the same swine inciting hatred in Kirkby.

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Feb 13, 2023·edited Feb 14, 2023

Successive governments set the scene for what happened, and have made the ground fertile for far right types to exploit should they wish to.

A poor ignored area left to fester with high unemployment and low living standards won't take much to be sparked to anger.

I'm sure a well to-to area's residents would also be less than impressed about having this sort of facility in their area, but they wouldn't possess the sort of resentment prone to boil over into unrest.

The fact is that the people in that hotel have been dumped there because the area is on its backside, which makes the accommodation cheap. It's been shown to be a false economy.

In an era where the likes of Russia will be throwing money and resource at undermining our society (and may well have a hand in facilitating small boat crossings and preventing the government from dealing with the issue, in order to develop these tensions) both Tories and Labour need to get a grip. It's no good just telling people "this isn't who we are".

It's not simply the small boat crossings that need to be addressed by the government. It's also the state of our local economy and associated factors such as education provision and low quality of life. These are the real factors that put areas at risk of extremist manipulation.

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Fabric District?

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As they say charity begins at home and charity needs to be driven by compassion. At a time when millions are struggling to survive in this cost-of-living crisis created by an incompetent government that saw energy corporations showing not an ounce of compassion to the millions of impoverished householders, we should not condemn those that were driven by frustration to vent their anger at the presence of people from the outside who came over here with an asylum-seeker tag and given a more comfortable and almost care-free life than many of the hard-pressed locals.

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Everyone on Merseyside knows that there is no “far right” in Kirkby. Unfortunately there is a travelling circus of right wing extremers and left wing anti fascists who will jump on and hijack any protest event in the country where they can have a go at each other and hit the news.

This is unfortunate because the media rhetoric then focuses on the wrong issues. These people in Kirkby are normal concerned families who are very worried about the safety of their children and desperate that no one is listening to them.

Is it true that a nearby school has erected high fences around the playground to keep children away from view of congregating young immigrant men?

Is it true that concerns have been voiced to authorities and politicians for over a year by worried families only for them to be disregarded as racist bigots?

The Post has made some attempt to go deeper than the main media “extremism” headlines but this story is still not adequately told.

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