Yet again, Mollie, you have written a fine piece on something which impinged on most of our lives. Thank you. I was a great admirer of the Free Press, although not knowing any of the protagonists at the time. I did work professionally with the admirable Rob afterwards, and am saddened at his death.

May you and your colleagues continue and flourish in continuing your human but ascerbic alternative.

Stuart Richman

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What a fine piece as ever and what a great film this would make. First Take Productions?

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Thanks so much, Mollie.

It seems like only yesterday ! The Free Press was amazing in exposing corruption and racism (plus ça change etc!) and being firmly on the side of people who were the victims and the exploited. They covered a few of the actions in which I was involved, and I remember Thelma, who worked with the Infamous Five for a while, interviewing John Hamilton and me in a coffee shop (then a novelty !) opposite the Municipal Annexe.

You can understand why those of us who were around at the time welcome The Post, which offers decent writing and the hope of some progressive journalism to counteract the drab and/or pernicious corporate bilge which perverts public discourse.

I became firm friends with Derek Massey. He is much missed. Derek was (like Mandy and News from Nowhere) an institution - unsung - in his own right. He was instrumental in the foundation of Open Eye.

The others all have had amazing careers. Brian’s writing from the Middle East was a refreshing contrast to imperialist propaganda. Steve and Chris (separately and sometimes with Derek) undertook some amazing undercover reporting, including on police corruption, fraudulent trading - and the celebrated TV expose Death On The Rock. Rob, also missed, had a great career in filmmaking, including The Man From The Pru, filmed in Liverpool with Jonathan Pryce. (Jonathan and Derek had met at Unity Theatre.)

Pubs at both ends of Roscoe Street were Free Press haunts. I’ve got a photo of Derek in the Roscoe on my desk. Next time I’m in I’ll raise a glass to the Free Press, its five wonderful journalists - and cross my fingers that The Post might take up the cudgels. We are blessed with some brilliant alternative local social media journalism but we need the lingering mythic smell of hot metal.

Enough is enough ! Time for the troublemakers !

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A fascinating insight into the background of Liverpool in the early seventies. I read/subscribe to the Echo (sadly but a shadow) and lament the loss of the Daily Post. Copies of the Free Press survive. What about the posterity of The Post ?

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Seems the more things change, the more they stay the same. Wonder what they would think about the Liverpool (?) Echo now

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I came, or returned to Liverpool for the 3rd and final time, I 1969 at University. I was involved in the 1970 Senate House sit-in. The Free Press was a regular read in the 70s. Sad to hear of Robs death. Was Rob involved in an investigation into the leading Liberal council leader of the day and property deals in the Liverpool 1 (Chinatown, area)?

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