Liverpool and Starmer's Labour don't even have the same idea of what a bed is, let alone share one. I haven't voted Labour for years, but if I had been even slightly on the fence Starmer's declaration that he would talk to, and even write for, The S*n would have been the last straw. He wants to reach as many people as possible, but is happy to risk alienating an entire city?! I have no words...

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Terence Davies made some deeply moving films. They showed Liverpool in the past but they transcended time and place. So sorry he's gone.

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Firstly my calculation mistake it is 14 Palestinian deaths for one Israeli

How kind of Netanyahu to warm Gazan citizens to move out of an area to be blitzed by the Likudwaffe During WW2 the traitor Lord Haw Haw warned certain cities were to be visited by the Luftwaffe, so was that an act of kindness too?

I noticed you used the word "wokery" So you have no respect for anyone who chooses or has no choice but to be different

For example in schools the anti wokes want to return to the days of P bashing, Q bashing or even J bashing . The good old days when dyslexics were considered stupid and lazy and ADHD sufferers just naughty and in need of a smack bottom Anti-wokism is return to the bullying and ignorance

Ergo I am Woke and Proud and I rest my case

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How dare you call me an anti semite I have no hatred of Jewish people whatsoever. You seem to hate Palestinian Arabs who have not landed from outer space. They were there first And Palestinian Arabs are a SEMITIC people. Semitic is a geographical term not a religious one

Netanyahu is being propped up by the far right who in some cases want to rid Israel of anyone who isn't Jewish. On BBC Question Time an audience member pointed out over a decade 5000 Palestinian s have died compared to 350 Israelis. 12 to 1 . One death is bad enough Palestinian babies die, Palestinian mother's weep.

And now the Likudwaffe are destroying hospitals, schools , homes in a manner resembling the Nazis, starving the hungry, depriving of water. This is collective punishment by IDF state terrorists Just like the Nazis did when they wiped out the village of Lidice.in Czechia during WW2 .

And again is a Palestinian baby a terrorist? Is that Liverpool based surgeon visiting his family also a terrorist!? Don't Palestinians also have a right to life!?

Even enlightened Jewish people see the harm Netanyahu is doing to Israel.- in the summer there were protests against Netanyahu by Israelis against his hard right Coalition..

Again you see it as a crime to be left wing . Well you can tell your friend Braverman she won't make us illegal. The British far right wing keep shouting about free speech and that should be also for pro Palestine supporters. And I condemn any attacks on British based Jewish people who have every right to feel safe. So let's have no more of thie santi Semitism allegations.

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Steve Rotherham has long promised to integrate bus and rail travel. Maybe he could start with the ludicrous situation of just one bus, the 10a, stopping outside Lime Street Station. Passengers on all the other buses have to get off at either Pembroke Place or Queens Square.

I tackled him on it six months ago and he said there wasn't enough space as almost the whole layby, between the station and The Empire, is reserved for coaches. I've only ever seen a couple of coaches and these park right outside the theatre and then move off.

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Starmer left out "but the people of Liverpool will never read it"

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While Steve was planning to bring the region's bus services under public control, his party's shadow defence secretary and Foreign secretary. Healey and Lammy, were busy collecting air miles by going to Washington to submit their plan to hand over the control of Starmer's New Labour 2.0 to Washington and the Pentagon and even jointly wrote a piece in The Telegraph announcing their total subordination to the US-led NATO and insisted that they have 'exorcised the anti-war posture of Corbyn'. Above all, we must not forget, by getting the country involved in other people's war is the most credible excuse any government could use to renege on all the promises they had made to the voters during election campaigns. It seems, the matter of our buses in public hands will mean very little compared to what people's hands the country itself is going into.

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What exactly are we to make of Marr's characterisation? Are we supposed to feel our sense of individuality flattered? Or was it an inadvertent confession from a quasi-representative of the British state of what we already knew: We aren't viewed as "English" and anyone coming here looking for a sensible proposition must be odd?

As for Sir Starmer's "Liverpool, we will not forget you"... Well. That would be a first, it it turned out to be true.

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1, Steve who?

2, zero emissions, net zero these false, greenwashing statements should be banned completely.

3, Keith Starmerrhoid, Liverpool loves to hate with an excess of passion which leads me to

4, I hope nobody was out celebrating Hamas atrocities over the weekend. Such scumbags should be shot on sight. I daresay they were having a love-in with the despicable Corbyn though.

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