A highlight of 2022 was discovering The Post, a change from the dying Echo and it's celebrity obsessed tripe.

May I make one suggestion? Change your title to CityPost as Google directs me to the Echo's Liverpool Daily Post website There was a Liverpool Post which was a weekly, short lived replacement for the LDP around 2012/13.

All the best to "CityPost" and a jolly good New Year to your all for 2023!

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And the best wishes to all the people connected to The Post, be they writers, researchers, or readers.

But according to the unelected prime minister of this country in his New Year message, 2023 will be another annus horribilis and gave us the impression using his usual rhetorical bullshit that he and his ministers can do or will do nothing to make better the lives of the millions of working people that are sinking below the poverty line. While they have consistently refusing to ease the pain from the worsening cost-of-living crisis by not talking to the unions of workers, Sunak and other well-off political elites and their cronies in their ivory towers are holding on to their personal fortunes without a care in the world. I am surprised they haven't yet came out with the ' Why can't they eat cakes ?' remark.

Once upon a time before the Liverpool Echo turned itself into a publication looking like an 'Exchange-n-Mart with news', it was the voice of this city, holding the government to account for any wrongdoings. It could be said in the past the ECHO had unwittingly helped the undesirable elements to flourish within the city council which led to the sorry state it is in now. But it had left a void in this city that cannot be filled using social media platforms alone. I am one of those hoping the people behind The Post could have enough pluck and wisdom to take up the challenge.

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