Those who have worked with the Charity Commission of England and Wales would know, even with clearly written rules, the very sensitive nature of the work (supposedly)carried out by charitable organisations, more often than not, was used to deflect the glare of close scrutiny and because of the way most donations were being handled by the organisations' various levels of officials, there is no way to prevent those in charge helping themselves to a share of that charitable spirit from time to time under the title of 'expenses'. Exaggerated, cherry-picked heart-rendering stories and images have become a regular sight used by charities to prise donations from the public as well as certain national and local government offices and the occasional celebrity. Unless some of these charities' board of officials became too greedy, they seldom have to face the music for having dip their fingers in the pot, simply because they have a ready-made army of needy people they have helped that will always be on their side and they also provide materials for heart-stirring tales for rags like the Echo.

But, as it was revealed in your(Mollie and Harry) article, when the boss of a registered charity no longer cares whether facts and figures he was giving out were right or wrong during an interview with the press, it is time for someone to start digging deeper. Mike Cunningham & co might not consider this L6 thing is too shallow to be in their commissioners' remit as they are at present up to their necks in murky water not knowing what lurks within and that is why they wanted to bring in more help from Whitehall. I sincerely hope they really can put this city back on an even keel, but I won't be holding my breath.

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During last year's election for mayor, PCC etc Tory candidates were told not to talk about the Joe Anderson corruption investigation etc, it looked to all intents and purposes like they had already given in to a Labour victory across the board.

We now know why.

They were always going to control Liverpool city council in another way..

I said this during the campaign urging people to vote for independents like Stephen Yip or smaller Partys like mine.

Taking the city away from Labour was the only way to keep it out of the hands of the Tories.

That will still be true at the next election cycle.

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