What you will get from The Post - and why it's needed

Delivering factual, balanced reporting of Liverpool and Merseyside - with no ads

The Post is a new email newsletter bringing you balanced, fact-checked news and good quality writing about Liverpool and Merseyside. Our ambition is to cover the entire city region. For now, we are in soft-launch mode, so after covering the Covid-19 outbreak with weekly data bulletins we are now broadening our focus in the months ahead. Join our email list using the button below.

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Why are we starting The Post? We think people need reliable local information now more than ever, but newspaper websites often make it difficult to find the stories that really matter amidst all the noise and pop-up ads. We will take a different approach: quality over quantity. Initially, that means we will send out a newsletter every week or two until we build up enough of a following to turn The Post into a fully-fledged operation in 2021.

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The Post is edited by me, Joshi Herrmann, working with local writers and reporters in Liverpool. I’ve been a journalist for over a decade, writing for newspapers like The Independent, The London Evening Standard and The Daily Telegraph, and most recently for The Times and The Guardian. You can read some of my work here or contact me on Twitter here.

I’m getting into local news because I think we need a new approach to it - focusing on quality writing and old fashioned reporting. Local journalism has been cut to the bone in the past two decades, and this is my attempt to do things differently. This venture isn’t owned by any big company or funded by any investors - it’s just me and a great team of journalists trying out a new model.

To find out more about what we will publish and our plans, go to our About Us page.