Sponsor The Post

The Post is Merseyside’s quality source of news and local features. Since setting up in 2021, we’ve grown a loyal audience of followers — with over 20,000 people now reading our journalism. Our readers are thoughtful, creative, and keenly interested in what’s going on in our city, and include some of the most influential people working in Merseyside.

Advertising with The Post is completely different to other local media. We don’t use irritating pop-ups that readers desperately scroll past. And we don’t put adverts alongside annoying clickbait. Instead, our uncluttered format gives you the chance to clearly get your message across to our readers.

So how does it work? We guarantee everyone who sponsors us five things:

  1. Positive brand association. We’ve grown our committed readership by consistently producing well-researched and balanced journalism. Sponsorship with us will elevate your brand in our readers’ minds.

  2. Straight to readers’ inboxes. While our stories can be read online, the vast majority (>90%) access them via e-mail.

  3. High up on the briefing. Your slot will be one of the first things our readers see.

  4. A big picture. Give us your best photograph and we’ll include it — helping you to show and tell what makes your product or event so good

  5. Compelling text. We’ll work with you to craft a paragraph in our voice. This ensures it feels like an integrated part of the briefing, and drives up click-through to links.

Here’s an example, from our sponsorship by the Great Northern Craft Fair:

(You can see it in context here).

If you’d like to explore running a campaign, and want to understand what that means in terms of rates, timings, etc. then please e-mail daniel@millmediaco.uk to start a conversation.