The day has come...

Get on board

Dear readers – we’ve been waiting just over a year to say this… The Post is now officially launched! The sacrificial bottle of champagne is crashing against the bow of the ship, and we are off. 

We’re so pleased to bring you stories about Liverpool and Merseyside we don’t think you’ll find anywhere else: Broad, deep, thoughtful journalism to your inbox four times a week. Stories you’ve never heard of; new looks at some you have.

You can become one of our first ever members and one of the earliest patrons of this brave new chapter in Merseyside journalism by clicking the button below.

You will start getting your members-only editions next week, as well as being able to comment on stories, join our members’ discussions and — in future — come to our members’ get-togethers. Memberships cost £7 a month, or £65 a year.

As soon as we started publishing occasional stories in October 2020, we realised there was an enthusiastic audience for a new kind of journalism — one that focused on good writing, thorough reporting and had a considered, intelligent outlook on the world. Then, over the summer, we realised we could make a real go of this. We were getting lots of encouragement via emails and tweets from you, our readers, and our mailing list was growing much faster than expected. That’s when we started assembling a top notch team of writers and editors that will allow The Post to publish regularly. None of us are working on this project full-time yet — that will depend on your support and how we grow in the coming months — but we’re incredibly excited to get going.

You’ve already read great reporting from some of our team recently, including our Editor-at-large Robin Brown, who has been writing in Liverpool for over 20 years, and recently wrote our long read about Smithdown Road. Robin has reported for the New Statesman and Seven Streets, and also lectures in journalism. We’ve also got: Harry Shukman, a former Times reporter who wrote our investigation into anti-vaccine harassment of schools, which was picked up by the Guardian; Vicky Anderson, who has written about arts in the city for Liverpool Long Reads and the Daily Post and Echo before that; Mollie Simpson, who just graduated from university and wrote our fantastic piece about freshers week; Joshi Herrmann, who started our sister site The Mill in Manchester and has written for the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Independent; Laura Mehers, who has managed to graduate from two Liverpool universities in the past few years and did some of our reporting on drinks spiking recently; and Dani Cole, who wrote our lovely piece on Augustus John, will also be contributing occasional features and her gorgeous photos.

If you want to get great stories from this line-up of stars in your inbox four times a week, join up as a member now. By taking out a membership, you will be funding a new outlet that will scrutinise the authorities, highlight good ideas from communities across Merseyside and tell the kinds of stories that are not being published in what’s left of the regional media. As a member of The Post, you will be part of something important and something that is urgently needed in a world of fake news, social media overload and rapidly-declining local journalism.

There will still be free stories going out to our whole mailing list for non-members of course, but to make sure you don’t miss out on anything we publish, please do join now!

Here’s what Michael Unger, the legendary former editor of the Liverpool Daily Post and a former director of the Guardian Media Group, said about us and the need for this kind of journalism recently:

It’s really good news that The Post will be bringing quality journalism to Merseyside. 

The media has gone through massive Internet-based change in the past few years which has allowed The Post and its sister website The Mill in Manchester to launch and to thrive. 

Too often today’s traditional newspapers follow a clickbait philosophy merely to stay in existence: this leads to trivial stories and the unchecked publication of press releases. There is now so little ‘real’ journalism with the reporter stuck to his or her desk making sure they’ve hit their target of five stories a day.

The Post will be different. Stories and features that have had real time spent on them and stories and features that will make a difference.

A few things to bear in mind when you sign up:

  1. This is a new venture, and we may sometimes make small tweaks to how much and what we publish, as we work out what members want and what this city region needs. So bear with us as we grow.

  2. We will have five weeks a year when we don’t publish, to give our writers and editors time off. We will announce these ahead of time.

  3. You can cancel your membership at any time with a few clicks. If you ever have any issues, you can get a quick answer from us at