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Staff roles: We are currently hiring a staff writer for The Post. Please see the details below.

Freelance: If you would like to freelance for The Post, please pitch your ideas to, including links to your past writing.

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Staff writer, The Post

  • Location: Liverpool (the reporter must live full-time in the city region) 

  • Salary: Dependent on experience (£20k-£25k range)

  • Basis: Full-time role

  • Start date: October 2023

  • Application deadline: Sunday, September 24th 2023

About us

The Post started in 2021 with a mission to change journalism in Liverpool and the surrounding region by publishing the kind of stories you don’t find in the local press. Every week, we produce thoughtful, long-form articles that help our readers connect with their city, including features, investigative stories, news briefings and interviews. Our work has been picked up in the national press and our stories often reach tens of thousands of readers. That’s why well over 17,000 readers have joined our mailing list already and why we now have almost 1,200 paying members, who get four editions of The Post in their inboxes every week.

This role 

This is a job for a journalist who believes in our mission, loves the kind of reporting we do and is passionate about applying our brand of journalism to many more stories in the years ahead. We need someone who has a natural flair for reporting — the kind of person who relishes trying to get hold of sources on the phone and enjoys chasing stories even if they seem like dead ends. You will be someone who likes getting to grips with complex issues and stories by speaking to experts and insiders and who has the ability to explain those issues clearly to readers. 

Given the salary for this role, we would expect to hire a recent graduate or someone who has a few years of experience in journalism, but we are open to people at all stages of their careers and will judge applicants on their applications and performance in interviews and writing tests rather than what they have on their CV. 

Key responsibilities

  1. Producing consistently high-quality journalism for The Post that goes a level deeper than most newspaper reporting — including news reports, features, interviews and investigations. 

  2. Generating dozens of fantastic and highly original story ideas every month, both for you and for our other staff and freelance writers.

  3. Developing exceptional contacts within Liverpool’s political, cultural and business worlds so that we can break significant stories in the city. 

  4. Helping to grow The Post by posting on social media, assisting with our marketing and fostering strong bonds with our community of members.

  5. Contributing to the day-to-day running of The Post by answering emails from readers, setting up interviews for others and helping us to build our editorial schedule. 

Working pattern: This is a full-time role. You will work two days a week at a co-working space in Liverpool with the rest of the Post team, and remotely the rest of the time. You will make fortnightly visits to The Mill’s office in Manchester. 

Attributes required

  1. Reporting flair: Someone with an unusual talent for unearthing information, including huge energy when pursuing a story, a knack for getting hold of people on the phone and the ability to develop contacts over time. 

  2. Clear writing: Someone who can write with clarity and distil complex issues for readers — you don’t need to have extensive experience writing long features but you need to be able to engage readers and write precisely.

  3. Independence: Someone capable of working independently without lots of supervision from editors — that means being exceptionally organised, very communicative with colleagues and self-motivated when working on stories. 

  4. Growth mindset: Someone with an entrepreneurial spirit who is motivated by The Post’s growth as well as our journalism and wants to be a part of building a new media organisation, including the unglamorous stuff.

  5. Post values: Someone who is committed to our key editorial values: accuracy, nuance, thoughtfulness, fairness to sources and giving readers the context they need to understand what is going on. 

How to apply

To apply for this role, email by Sunday 24 September at the latest (earlier applications are appreciated). We don’t expect every applicant to be a longtime reader of The Post, but please make sure you are very familiar with our work before you apply.

Please include the following things in your application (all within the body of the email, not as attachments).

  • Four or five paragraphs introducing who you are and why you would be a good fit for this role.

  • Three links to stories you have written, each with one or two sentences explaining how they demonstrate the attributes listed above. 

  • Three ideas you have for stories you would like to work on if you joined The Post.

  • Any other relevant details, for example how long your notice period is.